A Family of Coffee Lovers


With new forms of techniques from large-scale exporters like Kenya and Ethopia, old cultivating methods from our Filipino farmers seem to be forgotten. The magic and care our farmers use to cultivate and nurture coffee beans continues to be overshadowed and this is where Café•te•ría comes in.

It all started with an idea, an idea to market the local coffee beans produced by our farmers directly to the consumer’s doorstep. We thought that maybe helping them bring their harvest to the market and educating them with modern-day farming, mixed with their methods, might possibly awaken our agricultural potential both locally and across the globe.

Last September 2014, our family envisioned to turn this idea into a reality: Filipino coffee being shared across the globe. Supporting and aiding local coffee bean farmers are just some of the steps we wish to undertake in an effort to remind the world that our farmers continue to provide freshly roasted coffee beans made from their own hard work.

Dedication to provide a variety of flavors from different producing regions across the Philippines is what we wish to achieve. Each origin is unique. Altitude and temperature are few of the factors that give coffee its aromatic and taste characteristics.

We also aim to create awareness and cultivate an outlook among Filipinos that will make them see the importance and potential of local products, specifically in the form of coffee beans. Through this family business of ours, we seek for the support of the Filipino community in helping us create that awakening consciousness.